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How do I get a Quote?

Why buy from QCI?

  • QCI is your one stop shop for all your circuit board needs.
  • QCI is a leading manufacturer of single sided, double sided, and multilayer printed circuit boards.
  • QCI also manufactures single sided flex, double sided flex, multilayer flex, rigidized flex, and rigid flex circuit boards.
  • QCI is a leading prototype/volume production circuit manufacturer.
  • Prototypes can be manufactured in as little as 12 hours if needed.

How long has QCI been in business?

  • QCI was founded in 1988.

Where is QCI located?

  • QCI is located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

What data file types does QCI support?

  • Virtually all data formats are acceptable.
  • Gerber 274x is preferred.

How do I reduce cost?

  • Get in contact with QCI’s sales team. They have vast knowledge on cost saving techniques. Click on the link (Contact Us!). You will be directed to one of QCI’s knowledgeable sales team members.
  • Involve us early in the design phase to enhance design manufacturability and reduce your cost.